COA Process Automation.
Any COA formats from any suppliers.
Automated data extraction, matching, and validation.
SiMX COA Processing Solution fully automates COA retrieval, format detection, data extraction, matching, and validation of COA data for manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management organizations.
- Digitizing supplier’ COAs. Any formats, any file types.
- Matching suppliers, materials, and parameters to your specifications.
- Validating test results.
- Making data available across the enterprise.
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SiMX has been creating and supporting COA processing solutions since 1993.
Chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies, food producers,
and other manufacturers successfully use our solution to automate COA processing workflows.
Here are testimonials from some of our clients:
"SiMX provides a flexible ‘come as you are’ solution that allows us to work with a wide array of suppliers for COA management.
Typically, COA tools require the input to fit a more rigid format, but many suppliers are not capable of meeting those demands.
SiMX has allowed us to achieve the digital automation of data with minimal technical demand on our suppliers.
But their biggest differentiator has been SiMX support.
Any time we have encountered unexpected results, a short phone call to SiMX support get's us timely investigation and resolution.
Ongoing service is a true strength of the SiMX team."
Robert Vanya
HSEQ Systems
Director - North America
“Our vendors are notoriously inconsistent in standardizing the names of certain analytical parameters.  Sometimes the incoming COA may reference ‘Aluminum’ while other times it may reference ‘Aluminum (Al)’ or ‘Al’.
SiMX recognized the need to be able to have more than one alias for a component and built this feature into the solution. This is true for data matching on all three levels: Supplier locations, materials, and components.
SiMX is a pleasure to work with.  When our specific needs varied slightly from the out of the box functionality, SiMX offered us a cost-effective way of providing exactly the functionality we needed.”
Brian Nordberg
HSEQ IT Systems Team
“SiMX COA solution has been very helpful in removing manual work for us to perform COA validation. Automation and auto extraction helps us to greatly reduce the time consumed to perform the validation for hundreds of COAs per week.
The tool is great in being able to handle many special cases, different naming convention for certain suppliers, special rules etc. It's better than other COA tools we have tried because of its flexibility and automation.
I'm very happy with SiMX team responsiveness in supporting the solution. This is one of the main selling point I would recommend to consider to someone who's on the fence about choosing this software solution.”
Nur Fadzleen Izyana AHMAD FAKHRI
Data Specialist | Global Export Materials
“If you are looking for a solution to handle COA data management from a disparate set of suppliers, you will not find a more turn-key solution and personalized support team than SiMX. For our complex supplier base, and changing customer QC requirements, the team at SimX has been unparalleled.”
Xuejiao Lei /  
COA Processing Solutions can run on client's premises or in SiMX secure cloud-based datacenter.