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Certificate of Analysis Solution (COAS)

Automated processing of Certificates of Analysis

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies, food corporations, semiconductor equipment manufacturers and many other businesses which process Certificates of Analysis from various product suppliers will certainly  benefit from incorporating SiMX COA solution into their daily operations. For a long time SiMX helps Air Liquide U.S. operations to automate and support COA related workflows. The solution implements dozens of data extraction templates which automatically parse COA documents from over thirty different suppliers.

SiMX agile data extraction components receive data through emails, web scrapping, HTML requests, FTP, SFTP, and proprietary protocols or programming interfaces.

Certificates of analysis in the form of PDF, Word, Excel, XML, HTML, and text documents are handled with no human interaction. The extracted product data is validated against norms and limits lookup tables. All valid products are loaded into a database. All problems and their reasons are listed in exception reports and emailed back to the managers. All that is done 100% automatically on a predefined schedule.

The main worker horse of the process is SiMX TextConverter 4  - the leader in the data parsing technology. The tool facilitates creating data extraction templates in minutes, making it very easy to adopt new COA layouts from new suppliers.

The reversed process of creating COA output documents is also supported by the solution. XML output for digital data transmission and human readable formats such as PDF, Word, HTML, or Excel can be produced from product data stored in a database. All database systems are supported.
The solution also implements web portals for accessing, validating and dynamic querying the processed data.  Interactive executive, performance, and exception reports can be available online.

Cutting Adge Technology

- Retrieving data from anywhere - emails, websites, HTTP and programming interfaces
- Extracting loosely structured data from any file formats - PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, etc.
  • Visual setup for single and multi-line templates, tag based and multi-line fields
  • Multiple templates and multiple input dictionaries to support hierarchical (multi-level) data extraction
  • Visual feedback, dynamic highlighting of the data to be extracted - what you see is what you get
  • Export of all input lines skipped by the extraction process will help to make sure that nothing was missed inadvertently
  • Auto parsing of composite input values like street addresses and names
  • Input and output filtering using lookup tables, regular expressions or scripting
  • Calculated fields support
  • TextConverter 4 integration with TARGET Reports facilitates further data analysis and presentation
- Loading the extracted data into any database (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access, Excel, etc.)
- Reconciling incoming data with the data in the system
- Data analysis, reporting, PDF refactoring
  • Top N and Bottom N reporting at any grouping level
  • Aggregate fields for ratio calculations
  • Multiple data sources per report document
  • Cross-database joins (Oracle to Excel i.e.)
  • Summary, detailed, and summary with details reports
  • Table, crosstab, and graph layouts
  • More than 15 different charts with support for two levels grouping
  • Output formats: PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, XML/XSL
  • Auto-formatting
  • Iterative forms
  • Nested reports
  • Export to any database format
  • Grouping by ranges (scales)
  • Recursive calculated fields
  • SQL and VB Script calculations
- Automated exceptions handling and notifications
- Web portals for data access, interactive querying and reporting

How it works

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