Saturday, July 20, 2024
What our customers say
Paul Saunders
Target Reports has allowed us to create professional reports in a fraction of time compared to standard reporting methods. If you have ever had tried to create a report with multiple graphs and tables in Microsoft Word you will appreciate this product. We were able to setup a 20 page report in a few hours. The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) approach is excellent for beginners, and the advanced scripting supports allows experienced users to automate reporting tasks. The Technical support from SIMX is excellent; all of our requests have always been resolved within in an acceptable timeframe even though we are based in Australia.
Mike Hill
I’ve been using SiMX’s Target Reports for 4+ years and it’s great.  I compile an executive report encompassing 7 different business areas.  Target Reports allows me to have all of these reports together in a single project so I don’t have to run 7 separate reports.  I access all my data with the software’s built in OLEDB and ODBC connections and the drag and drop interface saves me precious programming time
Eleta Grimbeek
SiMX provides wonderful client service; they worked closely with us and were able to supply the exact correct PDF output where no one else could.
Jay Yoon
SiMX software is simple and user friendly.  It consistently saves me about an hour a day.  That’s money in my pocket.
Immediate reporting for business professionals
Major insurance companies, government agencies, and other financial institutions trust SiMX to deliver comprehensive reporting solutions. TARGET Reports, our easy to use and fail-safe reporting software, has helped customers create a variety of business and financial reports for over 17 years. Since its inception, our flagship reporting tool has yet to leave a customer unsatisfied
  • Create reports in a fraction of time you've spent before
  • Focus on the results, not report creation
  • Make the right decisions faster
  • No IT intermediaries between you and reports
  • Easy automation of routine reporting jobs
  • Exceptional technical support - issues resolved in 24 hours or less
Main Features 
  • Auto-formatting
  • Free layout
  • Iterative forms
  • Nested reports
  • Multiple data sources per report document
  • Cross-database joins (Oracle to Excel i.e.)
  • Summary, detailed, and summary with details reports
  • Table, crosstab, and graph layouts (one click transformation from one to another)
  • More than 15 different charts with support for two levels grouping
  • Output formats: PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, XML/XSL
  • Export to any database format
  • Grouping by ranges (scales)
  • Top N and Bottom N reporting at any grouping level
  • SQL and VB Script calculations
  • Aggregate fields allowing ratio like calculations
  • Recursive calculated fields
  • Automation API
  • And many more...
TARGET Reports Standard 4.9
All the power of TARGET Reports as an authoring tool
TARGET Reports Professional 4.9
TARGET Reports as an authoring tool plus the Automation API
TARGET Reports Redistributables 4.9
TARGET Reports as an authoring tool, Automation API, royalty free redistribution of run-time components