Thursday, June 20, 2024
SiMX Target Data Processing and Application Development Suites
SiMX Target is a component based software platform designed to enable professionals with limited technical background to build and maintain sophisticated data processing applications without engaging expensive IT resources. SiMX offers two Target platform based multi-components products:
Target Data Processing Suite (TDPS) empowers a wide range of users including non-programmers and professional programmers alike to easily build and maintain a wide range of data processing applications. It offers a number of problem focused components for data capturing, transformation, integration and reporting that could be used as building blocks for visual assembly of sophisticated data processing applications. 
Target Application Development Suite (TADS) enables users with limited technical background to build and maintain complex web applications with intense back-end data processing capabilities. It offers an easy-to-use visual environment for building web-based user interfaces combined with the full data processing capabilities of TDPS.
Target Application Development Suite Enterprise (TADSE) provides all the necessary means for rapid development and maintenance of complex enterprise level systems. It supports web farms technology, easy integration with other enterprise systems and allow for efficient collection, storage and retrieval of limitless amounts of data.
The suites consist of a number of authoring and problem focused data processing components that could be visually integrated into complex data processing applications and systems.
Support and Services
In addition to the conventional support services, which include bug fixes and minor updates, SiMX also offers the annual maintenance plans that cover major upgrades and  provides 5 - 25 hours per license per year (depending on the type of product) of consulting services. SiMX also offers a full spectrum of professional services including development and support of turnkey customer hosted and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.