With SIMX you will find a rare combination of commercial software vendor and service provider with over 15 years experience of serving an extensive list of customers from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

SIMX offers a number of Visual Data Discovery software tools and solutions for capturing, consolidating, integrating and mining of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data from virtually any sources.


SiMX solutions provide significant savings for customers across many industries including financial, insurance, healthcare, automotive, industrial, commercial, technology, government and more through:

  • Leveraging information from text-based reports coming from disparate internal systems

  • Capturing, organizing and integrating information coming from external sources via emails, FTP, HTTP, Web API, Web Scraping

  • Replacing manual data entry with much more efficient and accurate automated processing

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TextConverter 4

The best tool on the market for extracting loosely structured data from PDF, HTML, Word, Excel documents and diverse text files. This powerful, flexible, surprisingly easy to use tool saves thousands of dollars monthly per analyst. The tool is widely accepted in such industries as Health Care, Banking, Manufacturing, Automotive Services and many others. read more

TARGET Reports 4

Effortlessly produce complex reports in HTML, Word, PDF, XML, Excel, csv, and other formats accessing data from across multiple data sources.  Target reports offers support for advanced grouping, recursive calculated fields, a wide variety of charts, automatic formatting, and more. read more

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