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SiMX 4R Solution (Retrieve, Reconstruct, Reconcile, Report)

Document processing automation made easy

Data collection problem. In spite of the advanced means offered by the modern information technology for direct data exchange, virtually every business still heavily depends on the data collected form the incoming flow of documents, delivered via email, FTP service, Internet, Fax and even postal mail in a variety of formats including PDF, Excel, MS Word, html and different text files. Extracting data from those document, structuring and loading it into the customer's systems is a significant part of virtually any business workflow. It could be accomplished using one of the following three methods:
  • Manual data entry
  • Automation via programming
  • Automation using data capturing and processing tools.
The manual data entry is extremely expensive, time consuming and unreliable. It even might not be applicable in cases with big volumes of data due to the limitations of human productivity. The programming approach is also very expensive (due to the need in highly skilled programmers), and usually has poorly manageability. The third approach is the only one that delivers a full package of advantages including high efficiency and low cost
The SiMX 4R solution will save hours of work daily and thousands of dollars monthly replacing tedious job of manual data entry with the clockwork precision of automated data processing. Such diverse industries as Chemical manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Credit management, Collection, Military are benefiting from the solution already.
When piles of PDF, Word, HTML or other documents are waiting to be keyed into the system, when large amounts of information from multiple document types and layouts need to be parsed, structured and loaded into a database, when employees are spending disproportionate amount of time on the manual data entry, then you know it's time to empower your operations with SiMX 4R solution.
4R Solution will automate and streamline your most tiresome data processing operations related to processing Invoices, Purchase Orders, Certificates of Analysis, Ocean Bills of Laden, Air Way Bills, Loading Manifests, Phone Bills, and any other types of documents.
  • Retrieving data from anywhere - emails, web sites, HTTP and programming interfaces
  • Extracting loosely structured data from any file formats - PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, etc.
  • Loading the extracted data into any database – SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Access, Excel, etc.
  • Reconciling incoming data with the data in the system
  • Data analysis, reporting, PDF refactoring
  • Automated exceptions handling and notifications
  • The custom built web user interface will provide convenient monitorring over the processing
  • Web portals for data access, interactive querying and reporting


Data Retrieval

The input documents are coming to your data processing department in different formats including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, CSV, TXT, etc through various channels - email attachments, FTP, Web uploads, etc. The first task would be the data access automation or retrieval. SiMX solution allows accessing any kind of data transmitting media, remote and local data storages.

Emails. Most of our clients receive the information from their suppliers by emails. Our components can get email attachments from arbitrary email systems. If you are receiving COAs, POs or any other kind of documents over emails  our  data access module will deliver the data for processing in the fully automated manner. The extended set of data accessors can connect to Outlook, Exchange, POP3, IMAP, and any other  client specific email protocols.

Internet. A lot  of valuable data is still inaccessible in any other way but through the web browsers.  SiMX retrievers can go out to the web according to the specified path, get through entry checks, navigate to the destination pages, apply dynamic queries and download web content and files. Being setup once, the process is fully automatic.

File System. If you already have  your documents in the file folders, SiMX file watcher will trigger the automated file processing when new files arrive or according to a scheduler.The file transferring is supported through FTP, SFTP,  and File uploads.

Web APIs. When suppliers offer modern ways of accessing their documents, SiMX components  utilize web based APIs to retrieve  the data. We support SOAP and HTTP requests. In addition SiMX adopts client specific proprietary protocols.

Data Extraction (Reconstruction)

A state-of-the-art data extraction component SiMX TextConverter enables building data parsing and extraction projects in a matter of hours regardless of the input documents complexity. Our tools extract data from PDF, HTML, DOC, Excel, TXT, CSV file formats and any types of documents.
Fast and reliable results are guaranteed by intrinsic features of our data parsers and more than 20 years experience in this type of data processing. Artificial Intelligence and preset data extraction functions ensure agile and rapid project development. Please refer to the list of features which really make the TextConverter a flagship tool for data parsing and extraction:
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Auto generated input and output dictionaries
  • Visual data mapping
  • Interactive preview
  • Script customization
  • Rich libraries and functions

Data Reconciliation

The newly extracted data always needs additional massaging. Database lookups to find existing references, suppressing duplicates, building cross references, consolidation new and existing records – all that is accomplished by SiMX database transformers. Those are visual components which do not require understanding of programming languages and database technologies, thus allowing much faster development than traditional tools. The most common processing functionality includes:
  • Summarizing
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Deleting by Reference
  • Records matching
  • Adding missing, updating existing, reporting dropped records
All automated workflows can be controlled, viewed and edited over the web, allowing your management, analysts and customers access to the processes and processing results from anywhere anytime.
  • Search, analyze, and edit the processed data
  • Create reports and forms personalized for your customers and present them online
  • Have separate portals for executives, analysts and clients
  • Increase the efficiency of quality control,  information observability, results delivery
The scope of web functionality is limitless, from quality assurance to process control, to interactive web reporting and client specific features. SiMX application development suite provides the unique ability to build web applications and user interfaces without programming or web development skills.


Output reports and forms customized for your requirements and needs of your clients, performance and executive reports, reports refactoring – all that is easily achievable with SiMX Target Reports and Free Form Reports components. Intuitive user interface, canned templates, unmatched layout flexibility and reporting variety facilitate design of complex output forms and reports in a matter of hours, precisely to the client’s specifications.