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Purchase Orders Processing System

Automating Purchase Order extraction, verification, and integration.

Extract Purchase Orders from any formats – PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, scans, and others.

Extract Purchase Orders from anywhere – emails, web, remote folders, cloud storages, etc.

Automatically apply business and verification rules.

Integrate this solution with any existing data repository or use the system as your data management warehouse.

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This simple, robust, and cost effective document management solution fully automates the following business workflows:
1.    Capture/Collection of Purchase Order files.
2.    Extraction of Purchase Order data.
3.    Consolidation/Linking of extracted data with information within the corporate data warehouse.
4.    Data analysis.
5.    User and document management.
6.    Customer relationship support.
The system consists of two parts:
1)    Back-end data processing.
2)    Front-end web user interface.
The solution can be installed on the client’s premises, or hosted by SiMX in our secure cloud based data center.
Purchase Orders can be extracted from several different points of origin, for example:
·    Loaded via a web portal
·    Processed via email
·    Pulled from remote folders, websites, or cloud-based storage.
·    Custom data accessors can be created to meet any client’s needs
Incoming documents are automatically categorized by detecting the Purchase Order format from customer meta-data or by analyzing the document’s data layout. The files go through Optical Character Recognition engine when required to correctly process scans or images.
The Purchase Order Processing system implements two approaches to extracting purchase order data. The first approach is typical for organizations with a stable group of customers and data layouts. Data parsing components are created for every customer format, the Dispatcher component automatically detects formats and dispatches incoming files to the corresponding parsing projects for data extraction.
The second approach is used when the creation of dedicated data extraction projects for every format is not feasible, such as when customers and/or formats change frequently.  The auto configuration module will dynamically create data extraction rules for each input file, and extract data using an automatically configured TextConverter. If a file does not have a dedicated parser already configured, the Dispatcher will pass the execution to the auto configuration module for extraction.
Extracted data is loaded into the Purchase Order database, which is also a part of the Purchase Order Processing System. Business and verification/validation rules are applied during the data extraction process. Any inconsistencies found during either extraction or validation are reported. These reports can be viewed online, using the web portal, or they can be configured to automatically create a detailed exception report and sent over email to the administration.
The data from Purchase Order database can be submitted to a client’s centralized storage or sent to systems such as NetSuite, PeopleSoft, and others.
The user interface of the system is a web application, which can be published on any Windows server. The solution is secured with the user authentication, encryption, and role based access.
The web UI allows to:
1.    Upload Purchase Order files and view files which are in the system already.
2.    Update, add, and delete Purchase Order and their items.
3.    Track Purchase Order records with incomplete information or data which failed consistency verification/validation rules.
4.    Visualize and analyze data.
5.    Manage users, documents, and customers.
A rich collection of analytical tools can be used to help to visualize your data to best suit your needs.Various graphs, hierarchical grouping, drill down, and interactive filtering will allow you to view the data from any perspective. The seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI will give you even more analytical power. Linked maps and charts, dynamic querying, the ability to change visualizations on the fly will give your users agile and profound understanding of the data.
Additionally, our open technology will allow you to connect to any data visualization platform of your choice.