Thursday, September 19, 2019
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TextConverter Professional

Having been a long time user of Monarch, I was skeptical that there could be better software available for performing complex data analysis. After using TextConverter for a while, I continue to be amazed at its data extraction and report building capabilities. It’s ease of use in building templates that can extract data correctly from reports with non-standard layouts has to be seen to be believed.
In addition, the level of support SiMX provides their customers after purchasing TextConverter to help them learn the product while using the customer’s actual data is impressive in today’s world of all too common poor customer service experiences. Great job SiMX. Monarch has met its match!

Kris Ernst
Managing Director
Cornerstone Strategic Partners
TextConverter Professional

At CACI we support government and military customers in their day-to-day business processes.We had a customer that received data via an excel form and needed that data to be read into a database and then manipulated. We needed a tool that was affordable, high quality and easy to set up.We found SIMX and have been very happy with the results. SIMX services assisted us in setting up the tool and ensuring the programs we wrote worked and solved our business needs. They are very responsive and always provide us solutions quickly ensuring very little downtime for our customers which is extremely important to us.The benefits using this tool have provided our clients are very great. Our customers used to have to manually enter data from this excel form weekly which could have up to 1000 rows. Manual data entry not only takes a great amount of time, but it also is very prone to user errors. Now the client just has to forward the spreadsheet they receive via email and the data is parsed via SIMX and loaded into their database so they can use it instantly. Since the initial set up, we have found numerous other ways to utilize this tool to improve business processes for our clients and look forward to our continued use and continued satisfaction.

Leigh Offord
Project Manager
CACI International Inc.
TextConverter Professional

I have used Monarch for many years -and had to upgrade but was looking for a more advanced and simpler solution for extracting "Gold" from various reports and PDFs.
A Web search took me to TextConverter 4 SiMX. I was immediately sold. I first acquired the trial version and after a few hours I hit the ground running. I knew that this was far and beyond what I expected and so I purchased the license that very same day. The support I received was one on one and was, what I would classify from my 30 years of IT experience, VIP. Those who know how to use this increase the value to themselves and there company.
This is an essential tool for any IT Department. Highly recommended, reasonably priced, well supported = win winwin.

Jason Kalisher
Director of IT
Gym Source
TextConverter Professional

We have been a customer of SiMX for many years.We use both their TextConverter product as well as their services to build custom applications.For example, we use their solutions to find online press coverage of our clients on a daily basis.Using SiMX saves us time, money and makes the process much more accurate than our old manual methods.Our analysis has shown their solutions paid for themselves within the initial 90 days of use.
As a vendor, SiMX is very responsive and has a high degree of integrity.We consider them an important partner.

Neil Myers
Connect Marketing
TextConverter Professional

Thank you very much for your quick response. I have to tell you, TextConverter is an amazing piece of software. I'm still evaluating the software, but this has blown me away within the first few minutes.
Overall, I am a senior consultant with PwC (a consulting/audit firm) and the amount of data we get in PDFs is ridiculous and this piece of software is impactful. I have tried Datawatch and believe me, it's nothing compared to this.

Piro Dhimitri
Senior Associate
PwC Canada
TextConverter Professional

SIMX solutions met the standards to streamline the data transformation process that takes place when importing disparate file formats into various firms’ applications.The TARGET suite development tools is totally integrated with the .NET framework, and we are currently using an in-house SIMX application with another ASP.NET Web application for the escrow department; we are very satisfied as a client with the technical support and their prompt responses to problem resolutions, and their guidance in the data conversion process. Their technical staff goes above and beyond to exceed client’s expectations; we strongly recommend SIMX Software Solutions to be your Data Extraction and Processing platform.

Brian Bigger
Director, Application Development and BI
Greenspoon Marder
TextConverter Professional

The combination of a strong collection business and a weak economy meant that we were receiving hundreds of bankruptcy notices, dismissal, and discharges from judicial regions in all 50 states every day. Five full time employees were involved in keying in the bankruptcy information. Looking for a better solution we called six different vendors that offered these types of automation solutions. After seeing the bankruptcy forms, all six turned us down. SiMX was the only vendor that offered a credible solution. The SiMX automated process reliably extracts clean structured data from exceptionally diverse and inconsistent layouts and formats. I am very impressed with the services and the technical ability of SiMX team. 

Steve Florczak
Executive Vice President of IT
Capital Management Services, L.P.
TextConverter Professional

Our partnership with SiMX has become integral to our success in improving efficiencies and resource management as a company. The training they provided enabled us to rely heavily on the software which we found to be user friendly and, when we needed support, they have proved to be very knowledgeable and responsive. Relative to other data management systems, SimX compares very favorably and we remain very pleased with our partnership with SimX and the great people there who have been supporting our efforts all along the way.

Brenda Cwierz
Project Manager
Ocean Media
TextConverter Professional

Thank you so much for your software, samples, and help! I have used the Monarch program in the past and was considering upgrading to the latest version. When I saw your program and demoed it I thought that it was too good to be true. You have simplified the process and made it so intuitive that even a novice could use it. When I received the video of how you connected the fields it validated the power of your program. I am sold and intend to share my enthusiasm with anyone who wants to succeed in parsing large reports, or data to something very manageable.

William H. Bradley, JD
Chief Financial Officer
Classic Concepts
TextConverter Professional

The product I was using for imports was mangling our data during the import process; therefore I was tasked to create a custom import product in record time. I was ecstatic when I found SimX’s TextConverter since I knew there was no way I was going to be able to program our own import system in under a week without some type of help. I sent SimX the outline of the required multi-table import process and in a few hours I received proof that the product would perform as desired. Then with a little support in enhancing the import process, I was once again importing data. Thanks for the help SimX.

Todd Carlson
Lucid8 Inc
TextConverter Professional
“I actually don't understand how any software which seeks to process a text file can divide up a constant record into pre-determined fields in the absence of a field delimiter. That is why I was so impressed with your software which achieved what I thought was impossible. I would be surprised if any software could carry out this task unless it could provide for all possible variations of incoming data without field delimiters. It seems to me that some processing of the input record must always be required (in the absence of a pre-existing field delimiter) by the means of some programming language.”
Richard J. Bournes
TextConverter Professional

"After viewing and testing many different text conversion software packages, we found SiMX Text Converter. Not only was it simple to use, but the support we received from the first interaction was amazing. We had an extremely complex text file that none of the other software packages could handle and the SiMX support team helped create a process that produced EXACTLY what we needed in a couple of hours! They built us an extract that is parsing records from a very detailed text file with multiple variable fields and an average of 10,000 records each. We really appreciate all of the help we got and are looking forward to using SiMX Text Converter for a very long time as part of our business."

Dave Slattery
President and CEO
eResourcePlanner, Inc
TextConverter Professional

I work for Xerox and was evaluating TextConverter on behalf of one of our customers, the London Borough of Barnet. The support I received from SiMX was excellent, including one issue which required a new option to be added into the software. Testing for the LB of Barnet has been completed successfully, they have purchased TextConverter and are now running live data through it. Thanks for your support.

John Saunders
IT Manager
TextConverter Professional
"TextConverter more than paid for itself on the very first project we used it on. In fact, it made the project possible when it otherwise probably wouldn't have materialized. Although I have been designing database applications for almost 20 years, I'm just learning MySQL and PHP. My first project is a fairly complex one which includes importing into MySQL several flat files with almost 4 million records each. TextConverter's comprehensive user interface greatly simplifies that task. Saved conversion templates make subsequent imports a snap - all we have to do is select the new source file and pick a new name for the destination MySQL database - nothing could be easier. That's not to say that we didn't have an issue or two along the way, but when we did, the support from Simx was very responsive and effective. A great product and tremendous support, too! What more could you ask for?"
Ron Calzone
Missouri Citizens for Property Rights
TextConverter Standard
“I came to SiMX with a scanned doc out of left field with paper holes visible in the side margin and a kediwampus orientation. SiMX gave me back data that I could use for my business. I was impressed with SiMX’s expediency and professionalism and would use the service again.”
Kay Bierscheid
CTS, Inc.
TextConverter Professional

After reviewing a number of your competitors, I have found that your software delivers exactly what I need to seamlessly extract from our PDF files into our database at a price that is thousands of dollars less than the competition. Great software, easy to use interface, and awesome support, thank you SiMx for delivering a great product. Thanks!

Mario A Rinaldi
Vice President
Armor Property Services Inc.
TextConverter Professional
We are a small manufacturing company located in Canada. I am receiving 50 faxed PO's per day from one customer. Using the TextConverter program we were able to automate the procedure and drop the faxed PO's directly into our order entry, saving us about 4 hours per day by not having rekey the orders. Simx had up us and running in no time, the technical support is excellent!
Irvine Darren
TextConverter Professional
Getting to know your company and you is absolutely one of the best things this year! Thanks for the super support.
Magnus Hansen
Little Green Orange
TextConverter Professional
We have been using Target text convertor for some time now. Originally it was purchased to be used as a stand-alone tool for occasional data conversions. Later we discovered that Target convertor works beautifully in fully automated procedures. It has been extensively used as an integration tool for situations where we get data feeds from different systems including legacy systems. Fast, powerful and very stable.
Irene Gersh
Senior Data Analyst
TextConverter Professional
I used Text Converter on about 250 csv files to import in to sql server. Before I was using the import tool in sql server and it was taking forever, plus, the import tool that comes with it does not do a good job of recognizing the field types in any case, I was on week 2 (20+ hours in) of the import the old way when I found Text Converter. I was able to import all the files with the correct field values in about 6 hours of work. Plus, I I now have a way to import new data files in the future. This tool is truly awesome! Great work. I'm glad I found it.
Shane McMurray
The Wedding Report, Inc.
TextConverter Professional
"Prior to using your service, I used a competitors product for the past 4 years. Due to failing customer support by your competitor, I began looking for a possible alternative. I'm thankful to have found your product and was very surprised ( in a great way ) to experience your extremely prompt service, which has already been a lifesaver. I actually don't know what you could have done better and I'm still almost in awe regarding how your operations handled my requests."
Patrick Corley
System Consulting Group
TextConverter Professional
Congratulations on an excellent piece of work - it really is excellent and a refreshing change to to see such professionalism - you can be sure I will be back when the next requirement crops up.
Barry Lynch
TextConverter Professional

"I'm absolutely impressed for your support and customer oriented company. Your software is amazingly useful and only beaten by your technical staff. Decision is already made. I'll check out the solution and place the order."

Michael Prendergast