SIMX offers a number of Visual Data Discovery software tools and solutions for capturing, integrating and mining unstructured data from virtually any sources. SiMX solutions provide significant savings for customers across many industries including financial, insurance, healthcare, automotive, industrial, commercial, technology, government and more.
leveraging information from text-based reports coming from disparate internal systems
capturing information from external sources: emails, FTP, HTTP, Web API, Web Scraping
data entry automation - replacing manual data entry with much more efficient automated processing
Software Products
TextConverter is the most versatile, powerful and yet easy to use tool for capturing data from popular document formats including PDF, MS Word, Excel, HTML, CSV and any text file. It supports data extraction, transformation, integration and loading into any conventional database or flat file format (ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Access, Excel, FoxPro, and more), as well as offers flexible reporting capabilities and advanced means for processing automation.
Target Reports is a report generating tool, built for ease of use. Target Reports has an intuitive user interface enabling any user, experienced or not, to create complex and professional report documents in minutes. Target Reports is capable of producing integrated fully formatted report documents that include text, graphics, charts, and tables in Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML document formats.
Data Processing Suite - empowers a wide range of users (even with limited technical background) to easily build and maintain top quality data processing applications. It offers a number of problem focused components (including TextConverter) that could be used as building blocks for visual assembly of sophisticated fully automated systems for data capture, integration and reporting. Could be considered as an advanced version of TextConverter designed to support more complex data processing workflow.
Application Development Suite provides full data procesessing automation capabilities of DPS combined with powerful visual support for building web applications. It enables a wide range of users to rapidly build and maintain complex systems with web-based user interface and intense back-end data processing functionality. Ideal for implementing data capturing, processing and mining applications with advanced management interfaces. The Enterprise edition (ADSE) provides support for web farms.

4R Solutions  (Retrieve, Reconstruct, Reconcile, Report)

The SiMX 4R solution will save hours of work daily and thousands of dollars monthly replacing tedious job of manual data entry with the clockwork precision of automated data processing. Such diverse industries as Chemical manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Credit management, Collection, Military are benefiting from the solution already. When piles of PDF, Word, HTML or other documents are waiting to be keyed into the system, when large amounts of information from multiple document types and layouts need to be parsed, structured and loaded into a database, when employees are spending disproportionate amount of time on the manual data entry, then you know it's time to empower your operations with SiMX 4R solution.


Processing of incoming invoices, purchase orders and quotes is a part of the business cycle of virtually every company. The SiMX Invoice Processing Solution (IPS) will take care of automated processing and logging into you ERP or any other system of all kinds of documents, including digital and paper scans, delivered via any channel including email, FTP, web and fax. The system offers a convenient web based user interface for managing the automated processing as well as verifying and fixing errors in the data uploaded into the destination system.


Extracting information from various disparate systems (patient care management, coding, billing and accounts receivable, clinical test and treatment and others). Analyzing data from a wide spectrum of diverse reports such as Registration, Clinical Patient Care, Coding/Financial, Patient Follow-up, Operations, etc. Converting information from all of these systems via existing reports into live data to be manipulated and reused in formats that meet the user’s needs. Creating unified views, reports and interactive portals.

Payroll Reports

The SiMX Payroll Reports Processing Solution (PRPS) provides a complete automation of the data collection, structuring and uploading into the destination systems for the reports produced by multiple accounting systems and vendors. The solution could be effortlessly integrated with virtually any software environment and allows easy expansion by adding support for extra Payroll Report formats. It is equipped with the adjustable web-based management and monitoring user interface, which makes the solution exceptionally flexible and convenient.

Certificates of Analysis

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies, food corporations, semiconductor equipment manufacturers and many other businesses which process Certificates of Analysis from various product suppliers will certainly  benefit from incorporating SiMX COA solution into their daily operations. The SiMX COA solution provides complete automation and convenient management of the COA processing for virtualy unlimited number of suppliers.
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"Having been a long time user of Monarch, I was skeptical that there could be better software available for performing complex data analysis. After using TextConverter for a while, I continue to be amazed at its data extraction and report building capabilities."
Kris Ernst
Managing Director
Cornerstone Strategic Partners
"TextConverter is the most powerful application I have ever seen for extracting data from PC documents. Any data that is possible to extract can be captured by TextConverter because of its powerful logic and ultimate flexibility for this purpose."
Michael G. Montgomery
Division Reporting Analyst
HCA Central & West Texas Division, IT&S
All software products are available for Purchasing and Subscription in four editions: Standard, Professional, Server, and Redistributable.