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Payroll Reports Processing Solution (PRPS)

Automated processing of Payroll Reports

In the past, the vast majority of businesses had been handling these matters with paper filing systems. Although many have since begun to go paperless across their operations, plenty are still relying on this antiquated strategy to handle their payroll activities. This creates an unnecessary risk and inefficiency in the accounting department and beyond. What's more, data capture technology has evolved significantly, allowing companies to identify files more quickly, accurately and efficiently than ever before.

The SiMX Payroll Reports Processing Solution (PRPS) will take care of the complete cycle of feeding data from all types of incoming Payroll Reports into your internal systems. It will execute the following functions:

  • Obtain documents delivered via the email, FTP, or from the web.

  • Analyze them and pass through the OCR processing if needed.

  • Detect the specific document formatting type and determine which preconfigured TextConverter project should be used for extracting data.

  • Extract the relevant data from the input files.

  • Verify the extracted data and convert it into the proper format.

  • Load the extracted data into the destination database.

The solution is based on the SiMX software platform (Target DPS or ADS products) and offers an extremely flexible, easily customizable and scalable environment for automated processing of unlimited number of payroll report formats.



The solution consists of a number of well-organized Target platform template projects designed for high manageability and easy expansion. They cover all the tasks typical for payroll reports processing workflows, provide means for easy adaptation to the local infrastructure and minimize the required scope of work related to adding support for new input document formats. The solution can work with any conventional databases and features a powerful data source adaptation capabilities dramatically simplifying the process of solution deployment.

The optional web application templates (available with Target ADS) allow to easily equip the solution with the convenient web-based user interfaces for monitoring and controlling the automated processing configuration and execution.
As any other 4R solution the PRPS consists of the four main part:
1.    Data retrieval - obtaining the input documents from a variety of sources.
2.    Reconstruct - extracting the relevant data from the input documents, structuring it and loading into the structured data storages.
3.    Reconcile - integrating the extracted data with the customer data.
4.    Report - providing access to the newly obtained data.
Data Retrieval
The input documents are coming in as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, CSV, TXT, etc. through various channels such as email, FTP, Web uploads, etc. SiMX solution allows automation of accessing incoming data via all kinds of data transmitting media, remote and local data storages, all types of email protocols, and web APIs.
Emails. SiMX components can get email attachments from arbitrary email systems including Outlook, Exchange, POP3, IMAP, and any other client specific email protocols.
Internet. SiMX retrievers can go out to the web according to the specified path, get through entry checks, navigate to the destination pages, apply dynamic queries and download web content and files. Being setup once, the process is fully automatic.
File System. If you already have  your documents in the file folders, SiMX file watcher will trigger the automated file processing when new files arrive or according to a scheduler. The file transferring is supported through FTP, SFTP,  and File uploads.
Web APIs. When suppliers offer modern ways of accessing their documents, SiMX components  utilize web based APIs to retrieve  the data. We support SOAP and HTTP requests. In addition SiMX adopts client specific proprietary protocols.
Web Upload. When it comes to payroll reports one of the popular methods of delivery would be via a web-based user interface for uploading files. SiMX solution
Data Extraction (Reconstruction)
The data recognition and extraction from the input documents is the central part of the SiMX payroll processing solution. It consists of an open set of SiMX TextConverter state-of-the-art data extraction component that enables building data parsing and extraction projects in a matter of hours regardless of the input documents complexity.
SiMX TextConverter is the most powerful and flexible data extraction and parsing tool available on the market. It combines the most intuitive visual capabilities with artificial Intelligence and rich set of prebuilt functional libraries that make it a clear leader in the field of data capture. TextConverter offers all the necessary means for fast and easy configuration of data extraction projects for payroll reports with formatting of any complexity.
SiMX offers the configured templates for extracting data from over 150 payroll report formats from over 40 accounting systems and vendors including:
Abbott Industries, AccPAC, ADP, Advantage, American, American Contract, Berg Office, Builder Info Systems, Cal/Erector Custom, CMIC, Coins, Comp Guidance, Computer Ease, Construction Partners, Contract Systems, Data Management System, Evolution, Foundations, JD Edwards, ,obView, Maxwell, Microsoft / Great Plains, NDCC, One World, Oracle, PayChex, Penta Tech, Pinnacle Data Systems, Pivot, Points North, Profit Tools, Q&D Construction, Quick Books, Sage Master Build, Sage Timberline, SJ Amoroso, Soule, Spectrum, Star Builder, Sundt, TCMS,Timberline, ViewPoint, W E Bishop. 
SiMX also offers a services of configuring custom data extraction TextConverter projects. You can use our COST CALCULATOR to calculate the estimate of your data extraction project’s cost.
Data Reconciliation
The newly extracted data always needs additional massaging, but in case of processing payroll data the central place is occupied by the compliancy related functionality. It includes numerous global, state and federal regulations such as Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (or SOX) and many others.
SiMX Payroll Reports Processing Solution offers a wide range of means for data consolidation and compliancy rules implementation, from simple database lookups, suppressing duplicates, building cross references etc. using the SiMX platform visual components, to sophisticated processing based on implementation of external services via application programming interfaces (API).
The rich and easily customizable web based user interfaces provide monitoring and complete control over the automated processing, allowing your management, analysts and customers to access the processes and processing results from anywhere anytime.
  • Search, analyze, and edit the processed data
  • Create reports and forms personalized for your customers and present them online
  • Have separate portals for executives, analysts and clients
  • Increase the efficiency of quality control,  information observability, results delivery
The scope of web functionality is limitless, from quality assurance to process control, to interactive web reporting and client specific features. SiMX application development suite provides the unique ability to build web applications and user interfaces without programming or web development skills.

Output reports and forms customized for your requirements and needs of your clients, performance and executive reports, reports refactoring - all that is easily achievable with SiMX Target Reports and Free Form Reports components. Intuitive user interface, canned templates, unmatched layout flexibility and reporting variety facilitate design of complex output forms and reports in a matter of hours, precisely to the client’s specifications.