Automated HCM Data Standardization.
Any HR and Payroll formats from any providers.
Standardized output to iSolved, Prism, and more.
SiMX HCM Data Processing System is the fastest and easiest way to standardize all types of HR data. Automatically convert payroll reports, employee census data, demographics files, and more from any input format to a standardized output of your choosing.
SiMX has over 30 years of experience producing complex data processing workflows. We maintain a constantly growing library of over 250 different report types supporting all types of HR information from the largest names in the HCM field such as ADP, Paychex, and Intuit to the smallest.
Many HCM businesses, payroll service providers, and iSolved bureaus trust our service to process their HR and payroll data quickly and accurately. SiMX HCM eliminates the need for any manual data entry and replaces it with a secure, easy to use web portal where implementation specialists can upload files for processing and download the results within seconds.
With SiMX HCM you can instantly extract earning, tax, deduction, benefits, time and attendance, employee details, and more from a vast array of already implemented formats. SiMX offers excellent support, adding new formats quickly when they arise and helping resolve any issues you may have promptly.
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Here are testimonials from some of our clients:
"I would highly recommend the services and product provided by SIMX HB Conversion. Through the ease and simplicity of use and the accurate results of converted data, our team can provide more data in a faster timeline for clients. Reduced manual workload, more accurate results, more detailed accounting of financials to refer to in the future all make the team and client happier. If there is ever an issue or project outside of the scope of the program, the conversion team has been fast (less than 24 hours) with a resolution and/or suggestion on how they can help. This product and team was referred to me and I have no hesitation after using the system in seconding that referral should anyone have additional questions or concerns about the tools provided through the SIMX HB Converter tool”
Rachel Stackler
Payroll Implementation Specialist
"We used to have to wait for our programmer to convert the files for us or key them manually.  This was typically a minimum of 2 days.  Now with this product we can convert files in as quickly as a few seconds.  We love the merge feature. SiMX helps us out all the time.  We convert history check by check instead of by quarter so this has saved us thousands of hours of keying. If you are currently keying data this will save you a ton of time."
Sheri Campbell
VP of Operations
"Thank you to your team for helping us with data conversions for the last few years.  The time savings for our implementation team has been enormous compared to our previous internal attempts at conversion;  using PDF stripping to Excel tools and spending hours aligning data to meet import requirements.
Before coming on board with your group, for the most complex conversions, we used independent contractors; where the customer service was not as timely, accurate; or as easy to work with as your group.  In a crunch, when we have large multi-FEIN companies with thousands of pages of pay history imports, your provided level of service is critical.
I would say if anyone were looking to you for this type of service, they will find your professionalism, accuracy, and responsiveness a resource saving strategic advantage."
Bill Stanfill
Software Implementations Engineer
The Payroll Company
HCM Data Processing Solution can run on client's premises or in SiMX secure datacenter.