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August 24, 2020
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What Makes SiMX TextConverter Superior in Data Extraction and Mining?

Data extraction and mining have become more prominent processes within the average company’s IT department, especially as information volumes have soared and analytics solutions spread. When extraction and mining are not handled properly, other aspects of information governance and data management will almost certainly go awry.

Some of the more common sources of extra costs may be the tools and techniques used to extract and mine data. With this in mind, only the most powerful, efficient solution should be utilized at the time of project launches, and TextConverter has distinguished itself among other software solutions with respect to its incomparable speed, scope, accuracy and affordability.

Many options abound for data extraction and mining tools, but few will provide all types of users with the functionality they need on budget and with the flexibility modern projects require. TextConverter is one of a kind in covering these critical demands.

Core Functionalities

SiMX TextConverter software extracts and mines data from a proverbial universe of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sources – all of which commonly exist in a company’s infrastructure today. By streamlining and optimizing the management of information leading up to analysis through relational databases, the software reduces costs across the board.

The core functionalities include the following:

  • Data extraction: Unique patters set up the advanced visual-environment in which users with even limited experience can complete data extraction tasks more quickly than with other tools. 

  • Input and output: TextConverter can take on virtually any text-based file and load data into either conventional databases, files or any other required formats. 

  • Data connectivity: External data source access can be used in any combination with extracted data. 

  • Reporting: On-the-fly analytical reports containing text, multimedia and other components are generated in the most comfortable format. 

  • Scripting: Although TextConverter is exceptional for inexperienced users, professional programmers have the ability to leverage open and convenient scripting capabilities. 

  • Automation: An Application Programming Interface allows users to seamlessly integrate with other systems and automate extraction and mining tasks for greater efficiency.

Some solutions can do one or more of the above tasks, but none compare to TextConverter’s ease-of-use, affordability and flexibility.

Pricing and Automated Workflows

First and foremost, no firm wants to break the bank with the tools they use for data extraction and mining projects. At the same time, the software can be extremely expensive, costing up $10,000 or more for just one license, with that price point not even covering the entire scope of project requirements.

TextConverter works on a subscription basis, allowing users to far more comfortably scale up their programs when necessary. Monthly fees are kept within the hundreds of dollars per month range, rather than the tens of thousands. This is only one of the sources of cost savings that TextConverter provides compared to other options.

The enriched automation of workflows will further drive down expenditures related to mining and extraction, essentially offsetting the costs associated with staffing and payroll hours. Workflow automation can also reduce errors and help businesses overcome obstacles more quickly, keeping projects on task and highly visible for leaders.


Specialized, narrowly-focused solutions are too common in today’s data extraction and mining software market. The tools will be built with either one core function in mind, a specific type of user, or some other driving force that restricts its abilities.

TextConverter is among the most agile solutions on the market thanks to its ability to handle virtually any requirement that would be seen from an extraction or mining project. The software also caters to both experts and novices in the space, allowing for any level of customization and scripting necessary to handle even the most complex tasks.

Occasionally, projects will change at a moment’s notice, and users need to be able to flexibly navigate the tasks therein without any pushback or delay from a sub-functioning piece of software. TextConverter empowers users to have full control over a wide array of functionalities while guiding them through the processes themselves with ease.

User Interface

Users are more likely to focus on the design and visual aspects of interfaces on these types of tools, especially when handling highly complex projects with many moving parts. The need for a solution that can bring all of the relevant information into one space has never been higher, and TextConverter’s single-window access interface meets this demand.

This is one of the reasons why so many types of users can leverage TextConverter for their specific projects, even when they do not have a background in data extraction and mining. It also reduces some of the time spent on the initiatives by even the most skilled programmers and technicians, streamlining their experiences for more efficient outcomes.

The user interface will further boost the advantages of automating workflows within the scope of mining projects. By focusing on the demands, behaviors, and preferences of users involved, SiMX can continue to improve upon the usability and intuitive aspects of TextConverter for even greater pricing benefits and flexibility.
Get on Board

Firms that handle their data management and information governance responsibilities with the greatest skill will tend to enjoy the best opportunities in the marketplace today. Information analysis and enhanced data management solutions can better inform decision making, mitigate risk more quickly, eradicate waste, and much more.
On the other hand, when the wrong tools are in use for core responsibilities related to governance and management such as extraction and mining, risk can soar and inefficiencies will rise.

TextConverter is a modern solution built with the modern user in mind. In possessing the greatest flexibility, lowest cost and most intuitive functionality, the software is superior to other options. Following implementation, users from any background will not take long to understand the true advantages of TextConverter over other software in the market following implementation.

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